Pazuru is a sliding puzzle game for the
Apple iPad. Use Pazuru to create a puzzle from any picture or photograph on your device, or choose from the images that are bundled with the game. Choose from various levels of difficulty to see how many 'slides' it takes to put the picture back together again!
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New in Version 1.0.1

  • We've added included photo’s!1 You can select images from your Photo gallery or play the game with our included Photos. Either way it's fun for all! We hope to Pazura_Screenshot_9 Pazura_Screenshot_3 Pazura_Screenshot_6 continuously add to the game’s collection of stock photographs over time. Don’t forget, there is an easy way to quickly add images to the iPad’s Photo’s application. To do it: Find an image on the web using the Safari web browser on the iPad. Then just tap-and-hold on the image).
  • Pazuru is now SwapKit compatible! Use any SwapKit enabled application installed on your device to immediately create a puzzle from it! This is great for kids and drawing applications! Any application which is integrated with SwapKit and creates an image can instantly be turned into a puzzle. Simply adjust your default puzzle difficulty in Pazuru (if desired), send the image to Pazuru from the other application and play away!
  • We have also lowered the default difficulty level, based on feedback. It's now easier for young children.

1 Our photographs are shot with Canon photography gear. Nikon lovers, please don’t hate us!